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November 22nd

The Perfect Snowboard Day

After finally releasing the Workbench Beta on Monday it was time for some snowboard action yesterday. And what a perfect day it was! We arrived at the skiing region at 9am and the sun started to...

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October 15th

MySQL Workbench on Road to Beta

I have not made a blog entry about MySQL Workbench in a while. We have been extremely busy on getting the tool towards the beta state and last Friday we made the last internal release before the...
October 2nd

Coolest Team-Play Ever!

My bro just pointed me to this little PS3 game, Little Big Planet. The video starts a bit boring when they show how to design the levels but really becomes fun when the four guys start playing a...

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September 26th

Back From Heidelberg

Yesterday evening I returned from the MySQL Developer Meeting in Heidelberg. It was a very productive meeting and also a good time to brief the other teams on the progress we make with the MySQL...
September 10th


Ok, now that they have lowered the price to $399 and it can be unlocked to work with e.g. T-Mobile SIM cards there is no reason for me not to get one. I wanted a Smartphone for years now but...

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August 17th

More OSX Stuff

Got my new Apple Keyboard and AirPort Extreme today. The Apple Online Store listed a delivery time of 1-2 weeks but they actually sent it out on the very next day. The keyboard is extremely...
August 6th

Back from Kiel

Yesterday I returned from the MySQL Summer Camp in Kiel, organized by MySQL GmbH and our local guys there. It was quite nice to see all our German colleagues and we did have lots of fun. After...

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July 25th

MikeZ, Powered By Mac Only (soon)

Today I have ordered my new MacBook Pro, one of the new 15" with the LED-backlit displays. Together with the MacPro I will get by the end of the year (when Apple hopefully releases new ones with...
July 10th

Vienna Teng

A new colleague listed Vienna Teng among his favorite musicians. That raised my attention since it is not very common to use my home town's name as a first name. So I checked out her site and...

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June 15th

Kiev Meeting

Today was the last day of my team's meeting here in Kiev, a very interesting city. The center is really beautiful with magnificent building, parks and churches. The streets are crowded by luxury...
June 2nd

Another Microsoft Technology...

I saw a demo of the Photosynth technology some months ago but I was not aware of the fact that one can actually try it out. They now offer a Firefox plugin that does the trick. Live...

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May 30th

"Object On Surface" Detection

This is a nice video showing off some multi-touch displays. The one from Microsoft has a feature i have not seen before. They use infrared cameras to detect objects that are put on the surface,...
May 16th

America's Cup Anywhere

I am a fan of the America's Cup since I watched the races between Alinghi and Oracle and seen Oracle been beaten. As no European TV station I can receive seem to simulcast the races I looked for...

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April 4th

MySQL UC Coming Up

The MySQL User's Conference is coming up pretty soon now, April 23-26. Although I will not be there myself this year due to our work on Workbench I know that the conference will rock. It will be...

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March 12th

Path Finder on OS X

A colleague pointed me to Path Finder, a OS X Finder replacement. And I have to say, this is exactly what I have been missing when working with OS X. It allows tabbed browsing of the file...
March 4th

Back to MySQL Workbench

Last week management finally gave my team the green light to start working on the MySQL Workbench again. It has been more than half a year since we had time to spend time on it - and while our...

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February 17th


I have been appointed member of the MySQL Extended Management Team (MTX) last week. Apart from being a great honor this also means that my voice will be heard even louder than before ;) I am...

Archiving 4K Digital Footage

While discussing the advantages and challenges of storing digital 4K footage over a very long period of time I remembered the S3 service offered by What does is offer...

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January 17th

F/Stop and Sharpness

Ken Rockwell did a very nice test of 50mm lenses. Especially the F/Stop and Sharpness comparison was very interesting. I have exactly the same lens and I also noticed this while shooting - but it...
January 11th

The Missing Leaves Trailer

An unfinished version of the trailer we shot during my vacation is now available online. The audio part is still under construction. I will add it to the auditory once it is completely finished. In...