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November 27th

Cineform Shows 4K Real Time Editing

I just checked David Newman's BLOG again, and after he did not post for a while, he had some pretty exiting news. They showed off 4K editing in real time on a workstation level machine using...

A Day On The Set

Last Thursday afternoon we shot 13 scenes in about 4 hours for a fictitious movie trailer to learn about the process of shooting. To my surprise everybody had lots of fun and apart from a number of...

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October 22nd

Alonso did it

Alonso finished 2nd in the last race and sealed off his 2nd world championship title - yes! The Ferraris were dominating again an even though their car was almost a second faster each lap...

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September 8th

RED ONE Footage on the Web

I just saw a first YouTube flick of the RED footage screening on the 4K projector at IBC today. I am really only beginning to imagine what kind of revolution the RED really is. When the full...
September 6th

Red Letter Day

The second most important day for the RED cam is getting near. They will show 4K footage on the IBC in Amsterdam on the 8th of September and put the footage online on the 9th. Then we know what we...
September 4th

Spring in Autumn

I was not sure when it would happen but I find myself fascinated by a girl again. Two days since I talked to her on a party and I still think about her. So this seems to be real. It has been...

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August 24th

Focal Length Ration on RED Cam

Just saw a very nice post on It shows the different areas of the CMOS that are used in the various format options of the RED cam. For my Nikkor lenses this means in the Red S35...
August 15th

Joining The Red Rebellion

After promising reports of the first footage generated by the MYSTERIUM sensor I finally decided to reserve a RED cam. After the IBC in Amsterdam when the first footage will be presented to the...
August 8th


I have been to the Formula 1 race on the Hungaroring last Sunday. First time I saw a race on site and it was amazing. Newspapers have called it the "race of the century" and I can only second that....

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July 23rd

Google Calendar

I tried the Google Calendar last week and I really liked it. It is a very good example of a Web2.0 / Ajax application, very intuitive to handle. The only thing I miss is to forward the...
July 21st

Nice 3D Desktop

This is a nice 3D desktop. A little too cluttered for my taste but it features some very nice techniques. YouTube Clip
July 5th

Burglars In My Flat!

Yesterday evening I got a call from a police officer informing me that burglars broke into my flat. I jumped into the car and drove home to find the police on site. I checked the formalities but...

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June 26th

The Difference In Customer Care

If anybody has ever considered to get a device from P+S Technik should be prepared for snootiness and infamy. We have been discussing the order of an Mini35 for weeks now and get zero discount for...
June 18th

Waiting For The Sirens' Call

I just did a little research on Wikipedia to verify that the song the english fans sing "It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming, football's coming home" is indeed from the Lightning Seeds....
June 8th

Something to figure out

The following sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.
June 7th

The Cineform Codec Rocks!

Yesterday we finally figured our how to use the overlay video feature of the Cineform codec. It is not as obvious as using the second monitor as external device in Premiere Pro HDV or Vegas...

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May 25th

Back from Heidelberg

Yesterday evening I returned from the MySQL meeting in Heidelberg. We had a lot of good discussions and the new direction management is taking really looks promising. Heidelberg itself is one...
May 2nd

It's a small world!

After one of my talks at the UC an attendee came up to me and asked me about the group picture I showed during the presentation. It was one of the pictures taken at that small, beautiful restaurant...

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April 21st

MySQL User Conference

Tomorrow at this time I will be sitting in a plane heading off to California. It is time for our yearly MySQL's User Conference. This year it will be bigger and better than ever before, our user...
April 17th

New 1080p Cam with Killer Workflow

I really like the CineForm codec. That is the reason I check out the CineForm CTO's blog regularly. And today I read a post that took my breath for a sec. A company called Silicon Imaging has...