MySQL Users Conference Coming Up

March 27th, 2008

On April 14-17 the MySQL Users Conference will be held in Santa Clara, CA again. Vlad and I will represent the MySQL Developer Tools Team.

Vlad is going to host a tutorial session about Workbench scripting and I will do two talks about Workbench in general. In addition to that we will do BOF (Birds of a Feather) sessions.

If you are in the area, please come by we will have lots of fun as usual and you get to check out the latest about MySQL Workbench.

What's BOF?

Under the Blue Sky

February 25th, 2008

Ronald, a MySQL buddy, took a three day break from his vacation in Germany and joined me on do some skiing/snowboarding action at the infamous Hochkar last week. The weather was beautiful and we were hitting the slopes Monday to Wednesday, staying over at Gerti's.

On Tuesday Claudia and Andrea joined us and we had lots of fun until Claudia made a wrong twist on a high-speed slope. That resulted in a rather violent "French kissing the
ice plate" as she would described the accident later on.

My heart stopped for a moment when she was just laying there - motionless - without any vital signs. I have not see such a violent accident before - it was really a scary. She was dazed for some time and her pretty face was looking like she has been beaten up real bad. After getting her to a doctor she returned heavily covered in band-aid. It took a few days till the pain was gone and she was feeling better again.

On the last day Ronald and I took some pictures with his new Canon. Today I finally finished a multi-shot composition of me making a carving turn.

All told those have been exciting days and if it was not for Claudia's accident it would have been a very cool vacation.

Just before the accident
Snowboard Multi-shot

Red One Unboxing Pics

February 9th, 2008

The cam arrived yesterday morning at Vienna airport. FedEx called me at 7:30 because they needed some documents signed for customs. Luckily they were able to accept them via email which meant I could send them back immediately without driving to the office and use the fax machine.

Since all trucks had already left the station once the custom declaration process was finished I drove by and picked it up myself (btw. that was the first time my new used BMW 320d touring I got this week payed off - I would not have been able to get those boxes into my old Mazda 121 Baby).

Today I started unboxing the cam and putting everything together as well as making the first test shots. The cam is much bigger in size than I had imagined. And fully configured it is very heavy. I am looking forward to the Nikon mount since that will reduce the total weight a lot - those Cooke lenses are really heavy!

Red One Unboxing Pics

Red One Camera Ready To Ship

February 1st, 2008

Finally! After waiting for about two years my Red One Digital Film camera is finally ready to ship. It was very interesting to follow the complete development cycle of this product - from the very first designs to the first pre-beta cams to now the final production cameras.

I am going to resolve the last complications with the order process today and will expect the camera end of next week or beginning of the week after.

These are exciting times!

The Perfect Snowboard Day

November 22nd, 2007

After finally releasing the Workbench Beta on Monday it was time for some snowboard action yesterday. And what a perfect day it was! We arrived at the skiing region at 9am and the sun started to break through the clouds. All slopes were in perfect condition and all ski-lifts operating. This is nothing unusual if it wasn't for the fact that only a handful of people were there and it felt like the whole region would belong only to us - the advantage of going there on a normal working day.

The temperature was extremely warm and during noon the snow become somewhat gluey. But the fact that the sun was covered within clouds again helped.

In the afternoon we were feeling quite exhaust but overall it was the perfect start into the winter season.

Workbench Beta Blog

Coolest Team-Play Ever!

October 2nd, 2007

My bro just pointed me to this little PS3 game, Little Big Planet. The video starts a bit boring when they show how to design the levels but really becomes fun when the four guys start playing a level.

This looks so cute and funny, I really want to play this :) I especially like the guy with the long scarf.

And the graphics looks so good, almost rendered.

Little Big Planet

Back From Heidelberg

September 26th, 2007

Yesterday evening I returned from the MySQL Developer Meeting in Heidelberg. It was a very productive meeting and also a good time to brief the other teams on the progress we make with the MySQL Workbench project.

Apart from work we had a lot of fun and it was good to see everybody again.

I am now the proud owner of an 8GB iPhone for $399. Unlocking took me two nights because there was a problem with the baseband modem firmware. But after flashing it the anySim app patched the phone without problems.

The horror stories published my Apple that an unlocked phone has a "permanently damaged" software is BS of course, because you can always reinstall the original software. A tutorial how to do this is already being worked on.

The UI of the iPhone is really good but I yet have to get used to the iPod interface. The only annoying thing is that Safari will not store your passwords for websites, so you have to enter them again and again if these sites do not support cookies.


September 10th, 2007

Ok, now that they have lowered the price to $399 and it can be unlocked to work with e.g. T-Mobile SIM cards there is no reason for me not to get one.

I wanted a Smartphone for years now but there never was the optimal device I wanted to spend hundreds of Euros on. And the iPhone brings it all together.

Getting the US model has some limitations of course - like no UMTS/HSDPA and only 8GB (and the upcoming models seems to have 16GB). But they are going to charge premium for that again which I am certainly not going to pay.

What a nice coincidence that the MySQL Dev Meeting is coming up and Mark is so kind to bring one from the US.

iPhone Dev Wiki

MikeZ, Powered By Mac Only (soon)

July 25th, 2007

Today I have ordered my new MacBook Pro, one of the new 15" with the LED-backlit displays. Together with the MacPro I will get by the end of the year (when Apple hopefully releases new ones with the cheaper 4-core CPUs) I will soon run exclusively on Apple machines.

My old machines have served me well during the last 4 years here at MySQL (and yes, I still remember my girlfriend at that time rant against me getting such expensive hardware), and they are still running well. The Thinkpad T41 got handed over to a friend today, she will take good care of it.

Three years ago getting a PowerBook felt like an experiment. Nowadays there is no way around Mac hardware if you want to do serious cross platform development - or in my opinion - any computing at all.

Vienna Teng

July 10th, 2007

A new colleague listed Vienna Teng among his favorite musicians. That raised my attention since it is not very common to use my home town's name as a first name.

So I checked out her site and I really do like her music. Reminds me a bit of Rachael Yamagata.