Red One Unboxing Pics

February 9th, 2008

The cam arrived yesterday morning at Vienna airport. FedEx called me at 7:30 because they needed some documents signed for customs. Luckily they were able to accept them via email which meant I could send them back immediately without driving to the office and use the fax machine.

Since all trucks had already left the station once the custom declaration process was finished I drove by and picked it up myself (btw. that was the first time my new used BMW 320d touring I got this week payed off - I would not have been able to get those boxes into my old Mazda 121 Baby).

Today I started unboxing the cam and putting everything together as well as making the first test shots. The cam is much bigger in size than I had imagined. And fully configured it is very heavy. I am looking forward to the Nikon mount since that will reduce the total weight a lot - those Cooke lenses are really heavy!

Red One Unboxing Pics

Coolest Team-Play Ever!

October 2nd, 2007

My bro just pointed me to this little PS3 game, Little Big Planet. The video starts a bit boring when they show how to design the levels but really becomes fun when the four guys start playing a level.

This looks so cute and funny, I really want to play this :) I especially like the guy with the long scarf.

And the graphics looks so good, almost rendered.

Little Big Planet

Another Microsoft Technology...

June 2nd, 2007

I saw a demo of the Photosynth technology some months ago but I was not aware of the fact that one can actually try it out. They now offer a Firefox plugin that does the trick.

Live Photosynth Demo
Demonstration Video

"Object On Surface" Detection

May 30th, 2007

This is a nice video showing off some multi-touch displays. The one from Microsoft has a feature i have not seen before. They use infrared cameras to detect objects that are put on the surface, like a photo camera or a cell phone. And then you can interact with the objects on the screen. Nice idea.

Archiving 4K Digital Footage

February 17th, 2007

While discussing the advantages and challenges of storing digital 4K footage over a very long period of time I remembered the S3 service offered by

What does is offer space in their data centers across the world to store your data. And they do this at a very reasonable price point. Currently it costs $0.15 per GB and month and $0.20 once for uploading the data.

1h of RED RAW will take about 100GB. I imagine Cineform RAW to be about the same and consider Cineform RAW/Intermediate as my final digital master format. That means my 1:30h, Oscar winning feature film will take 150GB.

Using the Amazon S3 to store my master (in an 2048bit encrypted format) will cost me $22,5 a month. With all the guarantees of Amazon for fail-safeness and other stuff. It is immediately available to everybody with an internet connection all over the world if give them access privileges and share my encryption keys with them.

And this is just the first of a number of mass storage offerings coming up. Google is about to launch a similar service in the near future I guess, so we will see prices drop further.

Amazon S3 service

F/Stop and Sharpness

January 17th, 2007

Ken Rockwell did a very nice test of 50mm lenses. Especially the F/Stop and Sharpness comparison was very interesting. I have exactly the same lens and I also noticed this while shooting - but it is nice to see a direct comparison.

50mm Lens comparison
F/Stop and Sharpness comparison

The Missing Leaves Trailer

January 11th, 2007

An unfinished version of the trailer we shot during my vacation is now available online. The audio part is still under construction. I will add it to the auditory once it is completely finished. In the meantime please use the link below.

Given that these were just test shots I must say that I am quite pleased with the outcome. We shot with a Canon XLH1 & P+S Mini35 adapter which is a joke compared to the quality we will get from the RED One of course. The 8bit footage was quite painful to work with in post and the Mini35 exposed a lot of grain if one closed down the lens.

The funny thing is that the story of the clip is actually based on real events, on a story my mom used to tell me. When I was about 3-4 she was taking a walk with me and we stopped at a about the same spot as we shot the footage. And suddenly I was gone. Of course she was shocked and started searching for me - running through the woods like a maniac - but I was untraceable. She then decided to go back to the park bench where she lost me and soon after that I reappeared as sudden as I was lost.

And I am really glad that the evil black guy was just fiction given by the extremely high number of children getting lost or are kidnapped for real.

If you have a recent machine try to play the HD 720p version. And don't get scared :)

And, oh boy, it would really play well on the new iPhone.

The Missing Leaves Trailer

Cineform Shows 4K Real Time Editing

November 27th, 2006

I just checked David Newman's BLOG again, and after he did not post for a while, he had some pretty exiting news.

They showed off 4K editing in real time on a workstation level machine using dual quad-core Intels.

This looks exactly like what I am used to from 1080p editing on my old 2.6 GHz box.

And as Cineform has signed an NDA with RED I take this as a hint that what is now possible with Dalsa Origin footage will also be possible with REDCODE RAW. And not only that, as both a wavelet codes there should be a quality loss conversion between the codecs.


David Newman's BLOG
Cineform, demo clip on the right

A Day On The Set

November 27th, 2006

Last Thursday afternoon we shot 13 scenes in about 4 hours for a fictitious movie trailer to learn about the process of shooting. To my surprise everybody had lots of fun and apart from a number of mistakes the material turned out to be quite ok.

A number of beginner's mistakes.
  • Camera settings. We forgot to check the white balance for the first five shots. The Mini35 was turned off for some takes and even some scenes.
  • Focus pulling. The focus was off for a number of takes and even some scenes, rendering them unusable. Each scene should be verified on set on a high-res monitor.
  • Lighting. As there was not much light - especially towards the end of shooting - lights would have been needed. Reflectors only would not have helped much.
  • Microphone. We should have used a shotgun because there were quite a view wide shots. Also not everything was recorded, we better need to monitor the led display.
  • Directing. I forgot the "Roll camera, audio" commands. Therefore we missed to record the scene info some times. We should get a clapper board. Further, I forgot the "Cut" command to define the clear end of the take.
  • Timing. We started too late and almost had no daylight left for the last shots. I need to be more on time.
  • Number of people. We had seven people there, including two actors, one of them being a 2,5 year old kid. We still were missing one or two.

In short, a good experience. I was cutting on Sunday but I am not finished yet.

RED ONE Footage on the Web

September 8th, 2006

I just saw a first YouTube flick of the RED footage screening on the 4K projector at IBC today.

I am really only beginning to imagine what kind of revolution the RED really is. When the full rez stuff is posted, things will never be the same as they were before.

These are amazing times.

Booth flick
YouTube flick of RED screening
RED Q&A Session