Back on MySQL Workbench Coding

October 19, 2005

Finally my team and I will go back to work on the MySQL Workbench. The last weeks during our bugfix marathon of QB and MA seemed to be endless and I as longing to get back to do some real coding.

The first Alpha release has really been a milestone and knowing about the potential that lays in the tool gets me real excited.

But there is a lot that needs to be done. First, we need to stabilise the existing code. Then we need to add the missing features.

Most important things missing are.
  • Linux version
  • SQL grammar to better deal with SQL code
  • Automatic table arrange code after reverse engineering
  • Canvas optimizations
  • Model - database synchronisation code
  • Database storage of models and team support

Further we are going to add Python support as requested. I also plan to look into Mono and Lua support but that has to be done in my spare time.

I cannot wait till we have this baby out.