Under the Blue Sky

February 25, 2008

Ronald, a MySQL buddy, took a three day break from his vacation in Germany and joined me on do some skiing/snowboarding action at the infamous Hochkar last week. The weather was beautiful and we were hitting the slopes Monday to Wednesday, staying over at Gerti's.

On Tuesday Claudia and Andrea joined us and we had lots of fun until Claudia made a wrong twist on a high-speed slope. That resulted in a rather violent "French kissing the
ice plate" as she would described the accident later on.

My heart stopped for a moment when she was just laying there - motionless - without any vital signs. I have not see such a violent accident before - it was really a scary. She was dazed for some time and her pretty face was looking like she has been beaten up real bad. After getting her to a doctor she returned heavily covered in band-aid. It took a few days till the pain was gone and she was feeling better again.

On the last day Ronald and I took some pictures with his new Canon. Today I finally finished a multi-shot composition of me making a carving turn.

All told those have been exciting days and if it was not for Claudia's accident it would have been a very cool vacation.

Just before the accident
Snowboard Multi-shot