MySQL Workbench on Road to Beta

October 15, 2007

I have not made a blog entry about MySQL Workbench in a while. We have been extremely busy on getting the tool towards the beta state and last Friday we made the last internal release before the public beta release.

The reason why we are not releasing alphas this time is that we already put out a "technology preview" more than a year and a half ago but were forced to work on other projects and could not continue with that. That means that this early alpha was not in a state that made it really usable and people have been complaining about that. So, to restore their faith in the project I decided that the next thing we are going to release has to be in much better shape.

And now we are on a good track of achieving that. The last 10% are always the hardest to get done - but with 95% of the feature set already working and the work of our dedicated QA guy I am confident that we can do it.