Back From Heidelberg

September 26, 2007

Yesterday evening I returned from the MySQL Developer Meeting in Heidelberg. It was a very productive meeting and also a good time to brief the other teams on the progress we make with the MySQL Workbench project.

Apart from work we had a lot of fun and it was good to see everybody again.

I am now the proud owner of an 8GB iPhone for $399. Unlocking took me two nights because there was a problem with the baseband modem firmware. But after flashing it the anySim app patched the phone without problems.

The horror stories published my Apple that an unlocked phone has a "permanently damaged" software is BS of course, because you can always reinstall the original software. A tutorial how to do this is already being worked on.

The UI of the iPhone is really good but I yet have to get used to the iPod interface. The only annoying thing is that Safari will not store your passwords for websites, so you have to enter them again and again if these sites do not support cookies.