More OSX Stuff

August 17, 2007

Got my new Apple Keyboard and AirPort Extreme today. The Apple Online Store listed a delivery time of 1-2 weeks but they actually sent it out on the very next day.

The keyboard is extremely cool, ultra flat. As I do not have my MacBook Pro yet I've connected it to my XP machine and it works smoothly. Same on my old Powerbook after installing the software update.

Setting up the AirPort was trivial and it is doing what it is supposed to do. Have not yet tried to connect a USB harddrive to it to make it a network disk.

Hannes has found a few other small tools for OSX that make your life easier. Geektool allows to show various things like the system log directly on the desktop. StartupSound.prefPane allows for turning off the annoying Mac startup sound. The iSlayer apps displays nice stats in the menu bar and on the Dashboard.

New Apple Keyboard
Disk Inventory X