MikeZ, Powered By Mac Only (soon)

July 25, 2007

Today I have ordered my new MacBook Pro, one of the new 15" with the LED-backlit displays. Together with the MacPro I will get by the end of the year (when Apple hopefully releases new ones with the cheaper 4-core CPUs) I will soon run exclusively on Apple machines.

My old machines have served me well during the last 4 years here at MySQL (and yes, I still remember my girlfriend at that time rant against me getting such expensive hardware), and they are still running well. The Thinkpad T41 got handed over to a friend today, she will take good care of it.

Three years ago getting a PowerBook felt like an experiment. Nowadays there is no way around Mac hardware if you want to do serious cross platform development - or in my opinion - any computing at all.