Path Finder on OS X

March 12, 2007

A colleague pointed me to Path Finder, a OS X Finder replacement. And I have to say, this is exactly what I have been missing when working with OS X.

It allows tabbed browsing of the file system and features a better List view by allowing the folders to be first in the list. You will never ever need two finder windows at once again.

The only thing that did not work from the start was that the original Finder could not be quit. It kept popping up each time I quit it. By double clicking the following file /Users/mike/Library/Preferences/ and by adding a [New Child] to the Root node with "Finder" as key name, "String" as class and "/Applications/Path" as value the problem was solved after a new login.

While searching for a solution I also found the TinkerTool which can be used to enable hidden OS X settings.

And of course I am using Synergy to operate my PowerBook from my Windows keyboard.

Path Finder