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March 4, 2007

Last week management finally gave my team the green light to start working on the MySQL Workbench again. It has been more than half a year since we had time to spend time on it - and while our first alpha showed some potential - the project was still in an unusable stated.

I was fighting hard so that my team could go back to work on Workbench, since this is the tool people have always requested the most. And there is not a single week I don't get two or three requests for DBDesigner4. Given that the development was stopped more than 3,5 years ago - that's pretty amazing.

Now MySQL Workbench is going to become the MySQL GUI Team's flagship product in 2007. We will restructure the old code, throw out what didn't work well and migrate the application logic all over to C++. We are also switching the Windows UI to .Net 2.0 to get away from the Borland tools.

I am so happy that we can now put all our efforts into this project and when we will release the final product in Q4 this year it will be an even bigger success than DBDesigner4 was. Open Source rocks!

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