The Missing Leaves Trailer

January 11, 2007

An unfinished version of the trailer we shot during my vacation is now available online. The audio part is still under construction. I will add it to the auditory once it is completely finished. In the meantime please use the link below.

Given that these were just test shots I must say that I am quite pleased with the outcome. We shot with a Canon XLH1 & P+S Mini35 adapter which is a joke compared to the quality we will get from the RED One of course. The 8bit footage was quite painful to work with in post and the Mini35 exposed a lot of grain if one closed down the lens.

The funny thing is that the story of the clip is actually based on real events, on a story my mom used to tell me. When I was about 3-4 she was taking a walk with me and we stopped at a about the same spot as we shot the footage. And suddenly I was gone. Of course she was shocked and started searching for me - running through the woods like a maniac - but I was untraceable. She then decided to go back to the park bench where she lost me and soon after that I reappeared as sudden as I was lost.

And I am really glad that the evil black guy was just fiction given by the extremely high number of children getting lost or are kidnapped for real.

If you have a recent machine try to play the HD 720p version. And don't get scared :)

And, oh boy, it would really play well on the new iPhone.

The Missing Leaves Trailer