Video IPod

October 13, 2005

This could have been really cool. But there are two downsides. A display resolution of 320x240 is not that good and the battery only will last 2h during video playback - which makes it hardly usable.

When I was flying back from Cupertino last week with KLM they had this new entertainment application that is based on Linux and allows each passenger to view it's own video stream. The selection of movies was real good, 20 or so, and I enjoyed The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Interpreter and The Jacked and the ability to pause and fast forward the video whenever I liked to.

I was hoping to use the Video IPod the same way for other flights, too. But the 2h of battery time makes it useless. One has to see if external battery packages are released but that is not quite as handy.

So maybe it is better to wait for the next model, as Apple seems to present a new one every other month...