Vacation Time

January 9, 2007

I have been on vacation most of December and I really had a great time. I've been working so much over the last years and had so much fun coding for MySQL that I did not really miss a long vacation - but now it was about time.

The only dedicated project I have been working on during that time was a short trailer clip for an imaginary film called The Missing Leaves. Basically we wanted to get more "on-set" experience and also to test the Mini35 on the Canon XLH1.

Looking back there is a lot which could have been done better but I am still quite pleased with the results. Works starts again on the 2nd and till then the clip will be fully completed.

What else has happened? There is a new Red User forum and Red has shown the first real world, pre-production body. And again a nice post by David Newman on what Cineform RAW can do.
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