A Day On The Set

November 27, 2006

Last Thursday afternoon we shot 13 scenes in about 4 hours for a fictitious movie trailer to learn about the process of shooting. To my surprise everybody had lots of fun and apart from a number of mistakes the material turned out to be quite ok.

A number of beginner's mistakes.
  • Camera settings. We forgot to check the white balance for the first five shots. The Mini35 was turned off for some takes and even some scenes.
  • Focus pulling. The focus was off for a number of takes and even some scenes, rendering them unusable. Each scene should be verified on set on a high-res monitor.
  • Lighting. As there was not much light - especially towards the end of shooting - lights would have been needed. Reflectors only would not have helped much.
  • Microphone. We should have used a shotgun because there were quite a view wide shots. Also not everything was recorded, we better need to monitor the led display.
  • Directing. I forgot the "Roll camera, audio" commands. Therefore we missed to record the scene info some times. We should get a clapper board. Further, I forgot the "Cut" command to define the clear end of the take.
  • Timing. We started too late and almost had no daylight left for the last shots. I need to be more on time.
  • Number of people. We had seven people there, including two actors, one of them being a 2,5 year old kid. We still were missing one or two.

In short, a good experience. I was cutting on Sunday but I am not finished yet.