Joining The Red Rebellion

August 15, 2006

After promising reports of the first footage generated by the MYSTERIUM sensor I finally decided to reserve a RED cam. After the IBC in Amsterdam when the first footage will be presented to the public the number of reservations will explode. Therefore it is a good point in time to reserve now.

One can get the deposit of $1k back at any time - but honestly - I do not want it back, I want that cam to be delivered on specs. This device will be up-to-date for a decade. Starting to record in 2K and later simply use the full available 4K once the PCs get fast enough to deal with that amount of data in post.

My set of Nikon primes should be good enough for 2K. It was an excellent decision to offer the Nikon F mount as option for the RED ONE cam. On the XL-H1 with a Mini35 they deliver excellent resolution and color. For 4K I will upgrade to RED lenses in a few years.

These are exciting times. A revolution will be happening soon right before our eyes. And I will be part of it.

Rebellion Fighter #379

Red Digital Cinema