August 8, 2006

I have been to the Formula 1 race on the Hungaroring last Sunday. First time I saw a race on site and it was amazing. Newspapers have called it the "race of the century" and I can only second that.

Getting there was a bit painful because it was heavily raining and everything was muddy on location. And it was a total drive of 600km.

The race started in pouring rain with us sitting in our raincoats directly in front of where Michael Schumacher was placed in the grid. Alonso behind him because Klien was starting out of the pit lane for some reason.

What a noise! Without the ear muffs it would have been impossible to bear.

It was great to see Alonso racing from position 15 to 1 and Michael Schumacher be overtaken by so many other drivers after a first sprint.

Then, the horror, as Alonso lost some wheel nuts and was forced to give up. But not much later Michael Schumacher had to give up as well. What a relief, that saved the day.

And as Button's Honda engine lasted till the end it was a well deserved victory for him. His first ever.

The atmosphere was sensational, it was a great experience.