Burglars In My Flat!

July 5, 2006

Yesterday evening I got a call from a police officer informing me that burglars broke into my flat. I jumped into the car and drove home to find the police on site. I checked the formalities but was still not allowed to enter my flat because a girl from CSI (who was hot btw.) was checking for fingerprints and stuff.

She managed to take an excellent fingerprint off my box of "24" Second Season box which was ripped open.

When I finally was allowed to enter the scene of crime I discovered that - apart from a huge mess - almost nothing was missing. They left my DVD player, TV set, even my old watch and a bag of international coins behind and only took my precious tie pin. I guess they just were in for cash and bankbooks which I do not keep there.

So apart from the broken door it could have been worse.