New 1080p Cam with Killer Workflow

April 17, 2006

I really like the CineForm codec. That is the reason I check out the CineForm CTO's blog regularly. And today I read a post that took my breath for a sec.

A company called Silicon Imaging has created a 1080p cam, called SI-1920HDVR, that direct encodes the image from 2/3 CMOS sensor into a new variation of the CineForm codec inside the camera. From there it is stored to the cam's internal harddisk as AVI file which then can be directly accessed over a Gigabit network interface on your editing workstation.

What this means is a radical simplification of the workflow in digital cinema production.

Further, they use a single CMOS sensor with a bayer pattern approach which makes it possible to use standard 35mm lenses. This renders a 35mm adapter obsolete and means no additional light loss.

This sounds like the ideal cam for independent film-making.

Like I said in an earier post, these are exciting times.

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