What a Race!

April 2, 2006

Today was the first Formula 1 race I was able to watch this season. And what a show! The safety car was out four times, Michael Schumacher lost it and hit the wall in an spectacluar crash and 100m before the finishing line it looked like Button turned on his rocket propulsion just like the Batmobile - which of course turned out to be a engine failure and he had to park the car 20m before the finish line, gosh darn it!

Alonso was in domination mode again raising his score to 28 from 30 possible points so far. It was also good to see Ralf on the podium again, he really needed a boost.

I am really looking forward to be at the Hungaro Ring this year, got the tickets for my father's birthday. It will be the first time we are live at the show. The noise, the stink, the pit babes, what else can a man ask for?