Nikon D50

March 30, 2006

My new Nikon D50 just arrived. The main reason for me to get this cam is to be able to use the manual, high speed fixed focal length Nikkor lenses I am getting for the G35. The G35 is a device that creates a shallow depth of field on normal 1/3" CCD video cams like the Canon XLH1.

The reason I got the D50 over the D70s is, that I do not really need any of the additional features of the D70s (better flash control, dof preview button, 3 fps, CF cards). And for the 250 Euro price difference, I can get another used lense on Ebay. I also was surprised by actual size of the D50, it is so much smaller than a D100.

The list of lenses I want to get on Ebay for the G35 is the following. There are two versions of the G35, one that looses 0.5 stops, and the one with better bokeh that looses 1,5 stops. So the rule of thumb is to get the fastest lenses available (which are not too expensive of course).

Nikkor MF 24mm / f2 AI-S
Nikkor MF 28mm / f2
Nikkor AF 35mm / f2
Nikkor MF 50mm / f1.4
Nikkor MF 55mm / f1.2
Nikkor MF 85mm / f1.4
Nikkor MF 105mm / f1.8

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