HVX CCD Pixel Count Disclosed

February 25, 2006

Finally Panasonic has decided to release the native resolution of the CCDs used in the HVX. And I am not surprised at all.

The HVX native CCD resolution is 960 x 540 pixel.

They used horizontal and vertical pixel shift as well as spatial offset of the red and blue elements with respect to the green elements to improve things.

That just aids to my initial impression. The HVX is the hell of a standard definition camera, offering full resolution 4:2:2 PAL with variables framerates. But it is miles from what I expect from a real HD camera.

I think the time is not right for a HD cam purchase yet. The new Sony Cinealtas are promising, also the XL H1 with uncompressed HD-SDI out seems decent. Let's take a look at the market half a year from now. Things are going to change rapidly. These are exciting times.

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