The HVX200 Disappointment

January 27, 2006

Finally the 6-cam test between a HDW-F900/3 CineAlta, Panasonic HDC27F VariCam, Canon XL H1, JVC GY-HD100U and the AG-HVX200 has been published on

The results unveiled what I saw coming from more and more HVX200 footage that was posted previously: The cam does not live up to what I was hoping for. Actually, I am quite disappointed.

When I look at footage of the HVX200, I feel reminded of my old Panasonic NV-MX300 EG. Colorwise the image was good, but the resolution was a big disappointment. And when compared to a good DV cam like the DVX100B today, it looks like a joke now.

I guess if I would get a HVX200 now I would have the same feeling for HD stuff in two years from now when Panasonic release the next generation model.

To be honest, I am quite impressed by the Canon XL H1 image. I mean, it does not live up to the F900 but it is quite good. The nice thing is the resolution. It will still be up-to-date in two years from now, when we have uncompressed/cineform-based HD-SDI recorders the size of a Audio-DAT recorder for $5k or less. Till then we will have to live with the HDV compression...

To me the HVX200 is a state-of-the-art DVCPRO50 standard definition camcorder with variable frame rates and what-not. But it does not deliver the high definition pictures that I want to see.

Res-chart comparison