Evolution Resolution Love

December 1, 2005

For the first time information about the HVX200 resolution has been leaked. "Using a resolution chart the HVX was measured at about 750 lines of vertical res and 700 lines of horizontal."

So, assuming a Kell factor of 0.7 for the horizontal resolution one might expect the CCDs to be around 960x750 pixel. But because of the vague definition of the Kell factor it can be anything else as well.

Compared to the Sony Z1 and the Canon XL H1 it seems to perform well. And if the image quality that much better as I hope it to be, it will be a decent machine.
  • Z1: 610x750
  • HVX200: 700x750
  • XL H1: 800x800

The HVX numbers have been stated by Jan from Panasonic on DVXuser.com based on Panasonic's internal test, the rest are taken from a German video magazine.

Kell factor