MySQL 5.0 Is Here

October 24, 2005

The server team did it. I guess only a few people can imagine the amount of work that has been invested in the new features and especially in getting all bugs fixed to get the release stable. was hardly reachable today which gives a nice impression of the overwhelming interest in the product.

Newspaper articles sprang up like mushrooms. One that I liked in particular was from Forbes, ... Magazine. (reminds me of the quote from Hans Gruber played by Alan Rickman in Die Hard).

Not only that it closes with a nice statement, "Can a plucky little upstart from Sweden really compete against the biggest, meanest software makers in the world? Two years ago it might have seemed crazy. Today it seems inevitable.".

It also mentions my latest baby, the MySQL Migration Toolkit. "The new version of MySQL even comes with a "migration toolkit" designed to make it easy for customers to move data off other systems onto MySQL."

Forbes article.