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DBDesigner 4 Distributions
File OS Description Version Size
DBDesigner4-0.5.4-0.i586.rpm Linux DBDesigner 4 Binaries, RPM distribution.

Download the file and execute as root: rpm -ivh to install the RPM. Executeables will be placed under /opt/DBDesigner4, libraries will be placed under /usr/lib/DBDesigner4. To uninstall the RPM execute rpm -e DBDesigner4-x.x.xx-0
0.5.4 8,7 MB


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System requirements
OS OS Vers. Minimum Hardware Recommended HW
Linux Linux kernel - at least 2.4.19

Tested Platforms:
SUSE 8.1
RedHat 7.3
Pentium 400 MHz
128 MB Ram
10 MB Harddisk space
Pentium 2 GHz
256 MB Ram
20 MB Harddisk space


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